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Meet the Wave Jammers Team

Wave Jammers is CLOSED! The phone number is no longer for them, so please don’t call it. If you need to reach the former owner, use the email address on the contact page. This website was left up to show off the design of the site.

The Wave Jammers team is made of a group of friends that have many different skills to make the perfect team. We grew up here, love what we do and after you come enjoy a Wave Jammers activity you will be part of our family.
Ed Coppola III  

Edward Coppola

Ed was born and grew up in Los Osos, CA and helped with the family business. They started and owned the Salty Pelican Restaurant in Bay Wood Park for 30 years. Ed and his family have been involved in many successful Central Coast businesses, and have provided much to our local community. He is one of those guys that loves to talk to everyone so when you see him wandering around Avila Beach stop and say hi to him.
Jason Olson  

Jason Olson

Jason was also born and grew up here. He currently lives in Avila Beach with his girlfriend. She owns Pete's Pierside Café at the end of the Harford Pier in Port San Luis. She makes amazing food and keeps all the Wave Jammers boys well fed. They are expecting their first kid in Nov. Jason also owns Sleepless Interactive a local website design firm. He has done websites for political figures, school districts, towns, and many local businesses. Since partnering with Ed, they have taken Sleepless Interactive to the next level. They now have a full team and are looking to the future of the Central Coast on the internet.
Jake Speer  

Jake Speer

Jake is the new member to the Wave Jammers Team. He fit right in with our family and has already brought a lot to the team. He is already working with Jay and Ed to bring more activities to the Central Coast.


Lead Jet Ski Guide/Dock Manager
Everyone needs a Trent. He is a master of all trades and can fix anything. With his time in the Navy and the years he has spent in the local waters, he is the perfect person to lead you on a safe journey down the Central Coast of California. Trent is an important part of the Wave Jammers family and will be a part of the team for a very long time.
Chris Soto  

Chris Soto

U.S.C.G. Licensed Boat Captain


Reservation Specialist
David is one of the new members to the Wave Jammers Team. He is a very quick learner and is already working our walk-up window. When you come for your adventure, David will help you fill out the paperwork and get you the proper gear. He is almost always hanging around the window renting bikes and ready to answer all your questions.
Wave Jammers would also like to thank all of our friends and family.
Special Thanks to: Ed & Beth Coppola, Erica Avila, Courtney Carden, Lora Mallory, David Flannery, Gary and Amanda Higuera, Steve Murray, Monkey, Slo Motorsports, Mark and Ana from Luv2Camp, and all the Avila Businesses.
Sleepless Interactive

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